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love letter: yunnie + stephen

{photo: humanartwork photography}
I knew from the get-go that I wanted to plan my wedding myself, but would inevitably need a day-of coordinator. When I began researching rates for a day-of coordinator, it seemed absurd to hire someone for one day of service. Boy, was I wrong!

Although I hired Eunice as the "day-of" coordinator for my early November wedding, she began helping me immediately upon retention in early September. I exchanged nearly 100 emails with Eunice during the next 2 months, countless texts, and had 2 face-to-face meetings. During our first meeting she figured out exactly what I was still missing, and forwarded me recommendations for vendors during the next couple weeks. Eunice responded to every communication promptly and impeccably (no grammatical errors ever!).

Once we were a little over 2 weeks from the big day, Eunice and I met to construct a day-of timeline. We went over everything, inclusive of how the families would enter the ceremony, how my bridal party would stand, and the venue layout. Immediately after that meeting, Eunice sent the most spectacularly detailed day-of timeline to each of my vendors, bridal party, family members, and helpers, also including everyone's contact information. Most importantly, Eunice stressed throughout her email that no one was to contact my husband or I on the day of the wedding.

Eunice directed our rehearsal the night before our wedding, expertly dealing with family members with a million questions. She even prepared the sweetest care package for me - two beautiful mugs with our initials, and a plastic box container filled with every bride's essentials!

Then, on the BIG DAY, she was all over the place - eye-signaling me during the ceremony to shift over to the right to center myself under the arch for photos, communicating to our MC exactly how I wanted my first dance to be announced seconds before entry, politely ushering guests away from the sweetheart table so we could eat dinner, saving the top tier of our cake to freeze for our 1 year anniversary, and loading up all the decorations in my dad's car. I woke up the next morning without a clue where everything was - and Eunice preemptively sent me a text and email answering every question I had before I could even ask it.

Eunice was the glue that made my dream wedding come together seamlessly. I will never fully know all the problems she had to deal with that day because she was a shield that protected me from all the problems, letting me sail calmly through the greatest day of my life.

Thank you, Eunice! And thank you to her lovely [team] too! No amount of words or money could adequately express my gratitude.